Ohio Transfer 36

The State of Ohio places a high value on transfer credits. In fact, Ohio has created a robust list of Ohio Transfer 36 courses which transfer as guaranteed credit to any public college or university in Ohio. WSCO built our transfer majors around these OT36 courses to help ensure a seamless transfer of our credit to four-year colleges in Ohio. Considering a private college? Many private colleges, as well as out-of-state colleges, also accept OT36 courses for credit. The best rule of thumb for transfer is to contact the college you’re interested in and request a transcript evaluation. Better yet, if you know in advance which college you want to attend after completing your studies at WSCO, you’ll want to work with a transfer advisor to help maximize your transfer credit at Washington State. Not sure where you want to attend? Explore transfer scenarios for possible options.

View the updated list of OT36 courses