WSCO Library Computer Use

The WSCO Library provides computers for access to library resources, as well as for online classes, coursework and assignments, research, and for the general community.

As with all library materials, the WSCO Library endorses the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement from the American Library Association. The WSCO Library does not monitor or filter information accessed through the library computers and cannot be held liable for the content of quality of information accessed.

To ensure effective and efficient access to all library information and resources, the WSCO Library has established the following guidelines:

  • Library computer hard drives should not be used to store information. All downloaded files and changes to existing files are deleted upon reboot of the machine to ensure and protect privacy. Please make sure you save all information to USB drives or in an email.
  • Library computers are not intended for non-course work related uses such as personal email, instant messaging, game playing, social networks, or other recreational uses.
  • During peak times, the WSCO Library reserves the right to request client limits on the amount of time spent on the public computers.
  • Printing of documents for non-academic purposes is prohibited.
  • No food and only covered drinks permitted in the computer area.
  • Please respect your fellow students’ need for quiet in the library computer area.